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National Electoral Committee

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Setting Up Candidates

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The period of setting up candidates for European Parliament Elections in Estonia starts on April 8th and ends on April 23rd 18.00 o'clock.

The National Electoral Committee is accepting documents every Mon to Fri from 10.00-17.00, on April 23rd until 18.00.

The National Electoral Committee is located at Toom-Kooli 3, Tallinn, room 207. (look at map)

A party has to present a written notice at the presentation of documents , stating the names, personal ID codes, addresses and contact numbers of the authorized representatives of the party.  

At the documents' presentation a copy of the deposit invoice has to be presented. 

Document Forms

For a party:

For an independent candidate:


A party or an independent candidate has to pay a deposit sum before the presentation of documents . The sum has to be paid to the account of Rahandusministeerium (Ministry of Finance). The deposit sum has been set by the European Parliament Election Act and is described by the sum of five general minimum wages per candidate.  

According to Estonian Government decree no 254 from Dec 20th 2007 the sum of general minimum wage in Estonia is set on 4 350 kroons. So, the deposit sum is accordingly  5 * 4 350 = 21 750 kroons per candidate.

The deposit sum has to be paid to the account of Rahandusministeerium; account no 10220034799018 SEB Bank or 221013921094 Swedbank. NB! Be sure to add a reference number 3100057950. The explanatory field should be filled with "Vabariigi Valimiskomisjon, kautsjon".

An independent candidate or party will be returned the deposit sum if an independent candidate or a party has gathered over the country at least 5% of the votes. Nonrefunded deposit will be transferred to state budget.